Dr. S.K. Sarin

Dr. Shiv Kumar Sarin obtained his MBBS degree with seven gold medals (1974), his MD in General Medicine (1978) from Rajasthan University, and his DM in Gastroenterology from the AIIMS in 1981. He moved to the G.B. Pant Hospital of Delhi University in 1983, becoming the Head of Gastroenterology in 1997.

He is currently the Director Professor of Gastroenterology, at the G B Pant Hospital, affiliated to the Maulana Azad Medical College and the University of Delhi

Dr. Sarin is a Gastroenterologist, with special interest in Liver diseases. He has built the department of Gastroenterology along with his other colleagues at the G B Pant hospital. His main thrust has been on providing first rate clinical diagnosis and management to patients with liver diseases. He has been able to bring several innovative techniques and treatment protocols in the country and evn in the world.

In particular, he focused on the pathogenesis and management of bleeding in liver diseases due to high liver pressure and hepatitis B and C. His classification of gastric varices, 'Sarin's classification', identification of a new disease entity, 'portal biliopathy', is widely recognized. He introduced the novel concept of endoscopic variceal band ligation as the primary prophylactic treatment for variceal bleeding, – which with in 7 years of its publication in the New England Journal of Medicine has achieved a global consensus and has dramatically improved the management of liver patients. His work with hepatitis B virus-infected patients and its prevention is well cited in the country. It has helped thousands of patients and their relatives.

Dr. Sarin contributed significantly by bringing out several very special books; "Hepatitis B in India, problems and prevention", "Transfusion Associated Hepatitis" and Hepatitis B and C: carrier to cancer" and hepatitis C Virus Infection in 1996, 1998, 2001 and 2002. The book on “Hepatitis B in India: Prevention and Management” published in 2004 is the most comprehensive treatise on the subject from India. The latest book on “Post-graduate clinics in Hepatology” is a superb update on the subject. These comprehensive texts not only provide detailed information about the work on hepatitis from India, but have become standard reference books both in Asia and the west.

His work and concepts have been given due recognition and support at the various International forums, International Journals, International Text Books on Liver diseases (such as Leon Schiff and Zakim & Boyer), Year Book of Medicine, Medical Clinics of North America, Seminars in Liver Diseases and Clinics in Liver Diseases.

Dr. Sarin has published his results in prestigious international scientific journals, and his findings are widely quoted in text books of medicine, gastroenterology and liver diseases. He has published over 200 original articles in international journals. Due to his deep interest in basic science and research he was also appointed as Adjunct Professor in Molecular Medicine at the Special Centre for 2003.

Dr. Sarin was instrumental in getting universal hepatitis B vaccination introduced in the State of Delhi and Sikkim.

Dr. Sarin did the biggest favor to India by his mass appeal and through public awareness about hepatitis, by launching the “Yellow Ribbon Campaign” by initiating “Hepatitis Awareness Day” on December 4 in 1998. This led to a public movement and helped the cause of prevention of all hepatitis. The Govt. of Delhi for the past 7 years is celebrating this day and besides all hospitals, a large number of schools and colleges observe this day. People round the country now get the message and follow him in this regard.

Dr. Sarin is the recipient of several awards, the important ones being: Silver Jubilee Research Award of the Medical Council of India, 2005, Dr.Yellapragada Subba Row Memorial Award by Indian National Science Academy, 2005, Federation of Indian Chambers and Industry, R & D in Life Sciences and Biotecnology 2005, Fellowship of the Indian Academy of Sciences, 2005, Fellowship of the National Academy of Medical Sciences (India) 2005, Third World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) award in Medical Sciences, Egypt 2004, Dr. V.R. Khanolkar Oration by National Academy of Medical Sciences, 2004, 'Netaji Oration" of the Association of Physicians of India, the highest Oration Award, 2003, Nominated as a Fellow of the National Academy of Science (FNA), 2003, Gifted Teacher Award - Association of Physicians of India, 1999, Parke - Davis Oration Award Indian Society of Gastroenterology (ISG), 1999, Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar award: highest award in Science in India:1996, Ranbaxy Research Science Award in Medical Sciences, 1994, Fogarty Fellowship of the National Institute of Health, USA,1988, Japanese Research Science Award , 1986..

Dr. Sarin has also served on various national and Committees. He had been the Past President Asian Pacific Association for Study of the Liver (APASL), Past President, Indian Society of Gastroenterology (ISG), Past president , Indian Association for the Study of the Liver (INASL), Member Central Health Council of Govt. of India, Councilor, International Association for the study of the Liver.